You, your brain and 3 positive things!




So we are beginning another week of challenge and uncertainty and I’m sure most of us have had some down days along the way recently.  It’s easy to get stuck in the trap of seeing only the negative and yet there’s good news…

Your brain doesn’t have to get stuck in the negative mode; you can train your brain because of neuroplasticity!   The brain can reorganise itself and learn new skills such as  looking for the positive.

We can all learn to do this with a little bit of consistency; at the end of each day I write down 3 positive things about my day (and yes I’m really keen on my clients doing this too!).  By setting ourselves this task we are retraining our mind to change both  its perspective and focus, but as I said it takes a little bit of consistency.

Most days I walk my dog in the early morning.  This morning after I had locked the door I immediately  spotted the first new rose bud on my rose tree – well what’s the big deal, you might be thinking!  Well the big deal isn’t of universal importance, but to me it was; that tiny rose bud was such a joy to see as I thought I’d overwatered the tree, secondly it just cheered me up!!

As I continued on our walk I noticed a tiny white feather (I always take this as a good sign, but you might think that’s just odd!); after about 10 minutes I noticed how all the runners and fellow walkers were so careful to respect social distancing and that made me smile too.

So within 15 minutes I had found 3 positive things to write on my list this evening and I had started my day with a smile, or 3 smiles!

Try it but be consistent!