Monthly Archives: March 2020

How are we all doing ?

I guess we are all struggling with the development of the Covid-19 challenge. Some of us will find the loss of our normal routine hard to accept and adapt to.  Some of us will struggle with the lack of certainty; many of us are facing financial uncertainty as well as anxiety over our own health […]

Anxiety when things change

Conavirus and anxiety Nobody could have predicted that we’d all be faced with the present situation. It’s impact on our daily lives cannot be underestimated; our social lives will change, our daily routines will change and for many of us our working lives will change, holidays have been cancelled, trips to the theatre and favourite […]

Why am I such a people pleaser?

Why is such a small word so hard to say? Most of us have experienced times when we found it hard to say no; it could have been a friend who wanted us to give them emotional support, to borrow money, to look after their child or elderly parent, a boss who wants us to […]