• What happens in the sessions? We work together to plan and tailor your sessions specifically to you. You can tell me what you need help with  and I can then tell you about the different approaches and techniques I use including those from sport, business and relational psychology, visualization, mindfulness, meditation, CBT.
  • I will also explain how your mind works, how to shift your focus to a more positive future-focused one so you can begin to feel more confident that positive change can happen and more in control.


  • What happens in between sessions? Learning to relax your mind is central to reducing stress and anxiety, so to help you with that I will give you a guided relaxation mp3 to listen to at home in between sessions.  This will help you continue to lower your stress and anxiety levels, and become more positive about yourself.

  • How many sessions will you need? The number of sessions will depend on your own  motivation and commitment and also on the nature of the issue you would like help with.   Some people make positive changes in as few as 4-6 sessions, whilst others may need more as we all learn at different rates.
  • How much are the sessions? Phone enquiryno charge.  I am happy to have a quick 15 minute chat with you about what you would like help with and how I can help you.

Adults: £70 per 1 hour session or 6 x hourly sessions £360 

Children under 16: £35 per 30min session or 6 x 30 min sessions  £180

  • How do I book an appointment?  All appointments are booked via the online calendar on the home page.