Athletes have to deal with  everyday stresses and also those specific to the pressures of training, selection, performance, injury, career transition and retirement.  To be an effective and successful athlete (professional or amateur) a positive mindset and resilient confidence is essential as it can mean the difference between success and defeat.

Over the last 18 years I have been lucky to work with both junior (from age 16) and senior athletes from a wide range of sports both in UK and the Middle East, including horse riding, rugby, football, tennis, endurance running, gymnastics, martial arts, Cross-Fit, golf, ballet.  Whilst the physical demands of different sports vary, the psychological demands are very similar and can be helped with specific mental skills training in relaxation, self-talk, pre-match and pre-competition nerves, parking mistakes, avoidance of “choking”, lack of focus and motivation,  anxiety, depression and stress management.

I have MSc in Psychology and MSc in Sport & Exercise Psychology. Whilst studying I was given the opportunity  to deliver sports psychology support and workshops to the Bristol Bears Academy (under the supervision of their own Sports Psychologist), as well as to players and support staff at Bristol Bears Women.

How we work together:

I use a very effective combination of psychology, psychotherapy,  CBT, NLP techniques and guided visualization (hypnotherapy),  to help you overcome anxiety, boost your self-esteem and confidence in order to cope better with the  specific challenges you may be experiencing.  I also teach specific mental skills training to help  you with  positive self-talk, coping with  mistakes, choking, lack of focus and motivation, burnout etc, as well as anxiety, depression and stress management.

Sessions are tailor-made to help you cope with whatever has been happening for you both in your game and also in the rest of your life, which might have become difficult for you.

Together we will focus  on  the changes you’d like to make, by helping you think about yourself, your life and your sport more positively.  My role is to support you to learn new mental skills and use them to successfully take the steps forward, create the changes you want to make and reach your best.