Monthly Archives: June 2018

Chasing the cure on the outside

It’s human nature to want to find a ‘cure’ as quickly as possible and due to the advances in science and medicine we naively hope there is a cure for everything but sadly this is not  always the reality.   Not only is there not a cure for everything but there are some conditions for […]

Your ability to self-soothe

  Life brings us all challenges. Sometimes these challenges are in our relationships, our family, our careers, our finances, our health; sometimes the challenges stimulate us, sometimes they knock us over and rock the foundations of our world like a runaway train with a pain that is so unbearable we doubt we will ever enjoy […]

Empty your bucket!

Why self-care is essential even when life is going well We’ve all had experiences of realising self-care is vital when life is challenging; we try to get more sleep, eat better food, fit in some exercise, maybe have some therapy etc. but often as our challenges subside or are resolved we believe that we can […]