Anxiety and stress can affect each part our lives: work, relationships, social life, health, confidence and self-esteem.  It can cause you to worry about what others think of you, doubt your own abilities, avoid situations, and bring about physical symptoms such as panic attacks, IBS, blushing etc.

In a real life or death emergency, part of the brain, the amygdala, triggers the fight-or-flight response which is responsible for many of the physical symptoms of anxiety, however this response can also be unnecessarily triggered in everyday situations (socializing, interviews, public speaking, playing golf, driving on motorways, phobias, etc.) when our anxiety levels are too high.

Solution focused hypnotherapy helps you to lower anxiety levels in both your mind and your body, take positive steps towards solutions, think more confidently about yourself  and more calmly about challenges e.g. interviews, presentations, in social situations, relationships, dealing with tough and stressful life or career changes.

Stress management is important as stress is a fact of life for all of us and can come from financial and relationship difficulties, health worries, family conflict, work and career disappointments.  Learning to manage stress is a matter of learning to look after yourself physically and emotionally; solution focused hypnotherapy allows you to learn to relax your mind and  body, feel better about yourself so  you can enjoy  life from a more positive  and rational perspective and begin to take positive steps forward.

Confidence and self-esteem are vital in helping you live the life you want, enjoy positive relationships, achieve your goals and fulfill your potential.  When anxiety and stress levels are too high, your confidence and self-esteem can take a hit.   Lowering anxiety and stress is important in helping you to think more positively about yourself, to remember your past achievements, work towards your goals and enjoy life more.

When your confidence is high you begin to see opportunities and possibilities for yourself with a ‘can-do’ attitude allowing you to look forward with positive expectation in all areas of your life, relationships, career, social life, finances.