So the world has changed, have you?

So since I last wrote my blog quite a lot has changed.  We have been faced with the realities of a pandemic which changed life for every one of us.

Some of those changes have given many of us the chance to spend more time with our families, time to think about our lives and more time to spend outside.  Many people have started exercising which is a really positive thing, DIY jobs at home have finally been done and we have witnessed the positive effect of reduced traffic on the climate.


However not all the changes have been positive; some changes have brought with them new  uncertainties  and concerns about our health, the economy,  our children’s education,  restricted travel etc,  with some people experiencing high levels of anxiety.

So what can be done about anxiety in the face of continued uncertainty?

Well there are many things we can do to reduced anxiety including paying attention to our diets, taking exercise, learning to live in the moment and learning to relax.  Learning can be quick process or it can take some time as often people with anxiety experience.

Anxiety keeps the body and mind in a state of alert and often it refuses to give up this state of alert when we first try to learn to relax but with  a little patience and perseverance we can learn to relax, anxiety can be reduced and new strategies can be learnt for dealing with any future uncertainty.

So if you are ready to learn to relax and you’d like some help, do get in touch for a mask-free informal chat on Zoom.

I look forward to hearing from you