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Yes it may have been a while …

Yes it may have been a while since you last took a good look at yourself … but I wonder why that is?     Looking at ourselves can be scary and there’s always the risk that we might end up feeling totally demoralised … however,  when you take a good look at yourself it can […]

They said I was nuts, but I did it anyway!

Nuts! It’s true.  When I told friends and colleagues that I was taking a break from my business to redecorate  my house they all said I was nuts … but I did it anyway!       So were they right?  Yes and no Yes they were right as of course it makes financial sense […]

Have you got the basics covered?

Why it's important to get back to basics

Back to basics Would you buy a house if the foundations were not good? Or buy table with only two legs? No I’m sure you wouldn’t!  However, when we fail to pay attention to our own basic needs we struggle and sometimes we fall down.  Given the challenges and uncertainty that the world is facing […]

Oh no, not again!

I’m sure like me, you were disappointed to learn we would again be in lockdown.  The last 12 months have been tough for everybody and daily life  has changed dramatically. However, I’m sure many of you  still made New Year resolutions…but how many of your resolutions are still going strong?  We often set unrealistic goals […]

How can we cope with uncertainty?

Coping with uncertainty

How can we cope with uncertainty? It’s difficult to know how we can cope with uncertainty in the world at the moment.  Nothing seems to be immune from being changed, restricted, or cancelled.  As a result we can have feelings ranging from disappointment and frustration to anxiety and fear. Why it’s important to manage our […]

So the world has changed, have you?

So since I last wrote my blog quite a lot has changed.  We have been faced with the realities of a pandemic which changed life for every one of us. Some of those changes have given many of us the chance to spend more time with our families, time to think about our lives and […]