Confidence is a pattern

Confidence is a pattern but let me explain … as a young child I used to love playing with my best friend’s Kaleidoscope  and was entranced by how the patterns changed just by  me turning the end ever-so-slightly; diamond shapes would change colour or become different shapes entirely and it all seemed like magic to me.

The power of magic

Of course, as children we  believe in the power of magic to change things; frogs somehow turn into princes, a  rabbit appears out of a top hat and fairies have magic wands.  As adults we learn that  sadly there is no magic but there are indeed patterns, 100s of them that fill your life and my life.  Patterns in our daily routines, patterns in how we like to dress, how we like our coffee to be made etc, and many more that you and I are not even aware of.

Make a shift

However, once we become aware of our patterns we can choose if we are happy to keep them or if we would rather modify or upgrade them.   Confidence is strongly linked to our patterns of thinking not just about ourselves but also about other people and just like many other patterns sometimes even a slight change – just like with that old kaleidoscope I was telling you about – can bring about a difference, not through magic but by a shift in perspective or a new way of looking at things and thinking about things.

Hypnotherapy certainly isn’t magic but certainly does help people, like you and me, to shift perspective and look at things differently and bring about a positive change in confidence.   Sadly there are no diamonds or even diamond shapes involved but there are sparkling smiles as people, just like you, realise that by a simple change of pattern confidence becomes stronger and life more colourful as opportunities open up to you.

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