Anxiety – is it in your mind? Everything you do involves the minds – yes the minds. You have one physical brain but 2 minds, the conscious rational thinking mind which deals with data and facts and the unconscious mind which deals with emotions and the stress response patterns of depression, anger and anxiety. These […]


How to strengthen the foundations of  your self-belief Just because your self-belief may not be strong at the moment doesn’t mean it has to stay that way – it can change and you can change it by changing how you think about yourself. Negative thoughts Create negative feelings Which in turn create? • negative reactions […]

Do you really believe in yourself?

The book “A Road Less Travelled’ by M Scott Peck opens with the statement “Life is difficult” which is an unusual first sentence for any book, but of course it’s true. Life brings all of us difficulties and pain as well as opportunities and joy. Many of us have had phases in life when we […]