Treading water

When you feel you are just treading water

The last year has caused many of us to cancel or delay plans with no guaranteed date for when we will be able to go ahead with them.

But it’s not just a pandemic that can cause this. Often plans are derailed, postponed and sometimes abandoned by factors that are completely outside our locus of control. And this can leave us feeling directionless, with no goal to work towards or look forward to.

This isn’t how it’s supposed to be!

Treading water is a feeling that I really struggle with! Some of you will know that we’ve been doing up our house and the process is going to take longer than I naively anticipated. In the world that I like to live in (in my head!), I plan for every eventuality, so that things can progress from one stage to the next as effortlessly as clouds gently passing in a beautiful blue sky!

Outside of my locus of control

What I failed to consider this time was the impact that despite Covid things don’t always go to plan, (my plumber broke his wrist). Plus, there certain products suddenly weren’t available  due to the increase in home decoration projects (the kitchen floor tiles that I wanted were suddenly out of stock), etc!

Treading water whilst I’m also camping!

I’m typing this not from my home office or even my living room but from my bedroom because the underfloor heating is being laid in the kitchen and we are camping upstairs! This has given me time to reflect and accept that as the end of March approaches it’s clear the house won’t be finished – yes, it’s disappointing but things are progressing, and we all know it’s important to remember to focus on even the small signs of progress.

However, today and probably tomorrow I’m unable to carry on with any of the painting in the house and I must admit that without being able to actively focus on my goals, I feel somewhat cut adrift as if treading water, and that’s a feeling I really struggle with!


However, we all struggle with things and will often avoid what we struggle with, but there’s always something we can learn from those things. So, today I have been forced to accept that there is nothing I can do about the things that are outside my locus of control.  As a result I have read a book that I’ve been meaning to read for a long time.  I’ve also made coffee and have actually sat down and enjoyed it.  And, I’ve de-cluttered two drawers! Above all I’ve accepted that my initial plans for today aren’t going to be done.  I guess  the world won’t end because of that!

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