It’s your mirror neurons!


I hope everyone is doing ok and staying well in these challenging times.

As challenging as life may feel at the moment, it’s important for all of us to take the opportunity to get outside and take some exercise.  It’s good for the body but also the mind.

Whilst walking my dog this morning I said ‘Good morning’ to the few other people who were also out walking and what struck me was how they both instantly smiled and said ‘Good morning’ to me.

We all need that human connection and if we reach out to someone with a smile it causes an immediate and positive reaction in them (unless they are not wanting to have any communication at all … but that’s just where they are in their own head and no reflection on us).

      ‘The mirror neuron system (MNS) is a brain network activated when                                                        move our body parts and when we observe the actions of other agent.’                                                  Jeon and Lee, (2018).

As the above quote from Jeon and Lee points out,  mirror neurons are activated when we take action and also when we see the actions of others.  In other words when I smile at someone and say ‘hello’ this triggers a positive emotion and reaction from the other person.

We are social beings and one of our core needs is to connect. It feels good for us and for the other person and what’s more it offers us positive interaction, which of course is even more important during this time of lockdown.

So be the person who initiates this amazing system of mirror neurons by simply saying hello next time you are out exercising, do it as much for yourself as for the other person.

Stay well


Jeon, H., & Lee, S. H. (2018). From neurons to social beings: Short review of the mirror neuron system research and its socio-psychological and psychiatric implications. Clinical Psychopharmacology and Neuroscience.