How are we all doing ?

I guess we are all struggling with the development of the Covid-19 challenge.

Some of us will find the loss of our normal routine hard to accept and adapt to.  Some of us will struggle with the lack of certainty; many of us are facing financial uncertainty as well as anxiety over our own health and that of our loved ones.  Some of us are now having to home school our children. Some of us now find ourselves at home all day with our partners or flatmates. These are all huge changes for us.

Social isolation will be a big challenge for most people as we are social animals; we have got so used to our daily face to face contact with work colleagues, fellow students and classmates as well as with friends and family.    Life has certainly changed for us all, for many of us our plans have been put on hold and of course we mustn’t overlook the fact that each day people, maybe you or people you know, are losing loved ones.

In times of uncertainty, when normal life seems suspended, we all need to find resilience and a belief that we will get through this.

Please feel free to visit my Facebook Page – Cranbrook Hypnotherapy’ (it would be really nice if you gave it a like) as I’m uploading not only relaxation tracks but short talks from me which I’m hoping will be helpful.  We are all struggling, so taking help is necessary.

I’m hoping to soon be offereing free live relaxation sessions via Facebook/Zoom and will post details of these on the Facebook page.

I’m offering 1:1 online sessions via Facetime, Zoom etc and for durations of 15, 30 or 60 mins, @£1 per min.  You can even book for 60 minutes and divide it into 2x 30 min sessions etc.  Please stay safe and stay well