Who am I and what do I do?

I have always enjoyed sport and been interested in how athletes cope with the demands and mental challenges of their game.  As a teenager my dream was to become a professional ballet dancer but injury prevented this. Later in life I became a personal trainer and yet again injury and a lengthy rehab program led me to focus on the mental aspect of  performance.

I specialize in helping my clients improve their performance in sport and business, so that they can  get over set-backs and mistakes, stop holding themselves back so they can move forward with increased self-belief, confidence and motivation.

Who do I work with?

I  work with junior (aged +16), senior and veteran athletes in both  amateur and professional sport.  With 18 years experience I still love being able to help clients make positive improvements to their performance both on and off the ‘pitch’.  I also work with those in business, who want to achieve more in both their personal and professional lives.


Everything we discuss in your sessions remains confidential. Unless requested by you, I do not communicate any information to your club, coach or manager and am bound by the Ethical Codes of my professional organisations.

Strong self-belief and confidence are vital to coping better with anxiety, stress and life’s challenges, so that you can

  • step outside your comfort zone
  • create a more positive mindset
  • enjoy better relationships
  • feel more in control with improved mental skills
  • achieve your goals
  • enjoy your game and your life

About me

I have MSc in Psychology and MSc in Sport Psychology. I am currently doing my Doctorate in Counselling Psychology at University of West of England and my work with clients is based on current evidence-based psychology research. During the last 18 years  I have worked with athletes from many different sports both in UK and in the Middle East for help with a range of issues including:


  • fear of injury and re-injury
  • career-ending injury
  • career transition
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • anger issues
  • relationship difficulties
  • depression and lack of confidence

In business:  I have worked with teams and individuals in small to international companies and government departments in the UK and Middle East for help with

  • understanding and maximizing team dynamics
  • fear of presentations
  • lack of confidence
  • the importance of the cultural fit
  • relationship difficulties
  • employee engagement and motivation
  • stress, anxiety, depression and burnout

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Sports Performance

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