Testimonials: What my clients say


I have used Yvonne on two separate occasions over the last 12 years for separate issues and on both occasions the results were excellent. The sessions were focused and Yvonne quickly got to the nub of the issue and helped me work through these. I would use Yvonne again and can thoroughly recommend her.  Nigel

I was introduced to Yvonne through my Rugby coach, I was searching to gain consistent performance and build confidence when things weren’t going my way on the field.  Not only did Yvonne provided me with techniques to help in these areas but she provided me with support in managing stress in other parts of my life.  I would recommend Yvonne to anyone looking to gain an understanding of their own mind when it comes to sport but also to people who have problems managing stress and anxiety in all walks of life.  Danni.


I can’t thank Yvonne enough for helping me alleviate my stress, anxiety, and panic attacks. For someone who didn’t know much about hypnotherapy, I was surprised just how comfortable Yvonne made the journey for me. The sessions helped me understand exactly what my symptoms were and how to go about overcoming them in a healthy manner and I landed a new job!   I can’t recommend Yvonne highly enough if you are going through similar struggles.  Ben

I went to Yvonne with the intention of addressing a specific problem I have struggled with for years. Through our sessions I have gained a stronger understanding of the source of this problem which has enabled me, with Yvonne’s guidance, to identify practical methods to address it. But not only that – Yvonne’s expert insights have drawn my attention to the fact that I had been ignoring wider issues around anxiety which had incrementally added up and were having a negative impact on my day-to-day life. Yvonne has helped me to see the bigger picture and now not only has there been a significant reduction in anxiety in my life generally, I also feel more equipped to cope with and address any I might experience in the future.   Cliff


Talks and Workshops

I work with small and large companies in UK and abroad to help their employees, teams and departments feel happier and function more effectively. I give talks and run workshops on:

  • From the pitch to the office: sports psychology for business
  • The cost of anxiety
  • Mindfulness at work
  • The perfectionist paradox
  • Solution focused coaching at work
  • Self-awareness in the workplace